A publishing company is leading the way in ‘pawternity’ leaves in India

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Pets require a lot of attention when you first get them. Like, a lot .

Sometimes you, as an adoptive parent, are compelled to bunk run and tend to your fur newborns. Very few workplaces though understand this need to allow “pawternity” time.

But , now there’s one from India, and perhaps the country’s first.

Publishing giant HarperCollins India has announced pawternity leave for its pet-adopting employees. Starting this year, they will be entitled to a week’s or 5 working days’ paid leave if they have just adopted a pet, HuffPost India reported.

This is aimed at encouraging responsible adoption of pets who need as much love, attention and a caring surrounding as human newborns. Or perhaps more.

In addition, the publishing house will likewise let its employees bring their pets to office and keep them in designated animal-friendly areas.

“We want the very best of work-life balance for our colleagues, and that includes being mindful about their own families requires, ” HCI chief Ananth Padmanabhan was quoted as saying.

Time off for pet-adoption is a novel concept still.

Some years ago, Petplan, the UK’s largest pet insurance provider, found that 1 in 5 pet-owners were willing to sacrifice up to three weeks vacation hour for their puppies. However, merely 5 percent of employers offered them ‘pup-ternity’ leaves.

India, which recently altered its maternity leave policies too, had never seen pet adoption in this light. Until now.

People on social media have hailed HarperCollins for the move.


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