Some people are upset about Cadbury’s Egg event because of the word ‘Easter’

Image: Cadbury

As Easter approaches, children in the UK are looking forward to the annual Cadbury Egg Hunt, which will take place at around 300 National Trust properties.

The year the revelries have been hit by a religion dispute led by the Church of England and the Archbishop of York.

The chocolate giant has been accused of “airbrushing faith” from the annual event after falling the word Easter. According to the Telegraph , the hunt was previously called an “Easter Egg Trail” but this year it has been renamed the “Great British Egg Hunt”.

Prime Minister Theresa May even weighed in telling the decision to not mention the religion gala in the title is “absolutely ridiculous”.

The word “Easter” is in fact mentioned several times on the National Trust webpage for the event. But it doesn’t feature on the logo.

Cadbury likewise pointed out that the word ‘Easter’ is used several times by both organisations.

Many people on Twitter responded with sarcasm and said it was much ado about nothing 😛 TAGEND

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