Stop Wasting Your Money On These Sh*tty Hummus Brands

I think it’s time for us to all take a minute to appreciate hummus. Right up there with avocado toast, froyo, and iced coffee, hummus is a mainstay of the betch food pyramid. Whether youre trying to lose weight and using it to construct your celery savour less like sadness or youre going all out with toasted pitas and feta, hummus induces chickpeas relevant. I signify, okay, chickpeas have kind of always been relevant, but like, hummus made chickpeas relevant to. But here’s the thing, given that the Whole Foods of the world now know how much we betches crave hummus, there are a flood of options at every grocery store ranging from “the most delicious fucking thing you’ve ever had in your life” to “is this just chunky mayonnaise? ” In order to save you from subpar Mediterranean dip at your next tapas night( or personal Netflix binge-a-thon ), weve rounded up the top eight grocery store hummus( hummuses? Hummi ?) ranked from best to best left as a last resort.

1. Sabra Classic Hummus

Baby’s first hummus! Anyone with even a casual interest in chickpeas mashed up and mixed with spices/ anyone who has ever gone on Birthright has tried this shit. This can show you that having a loyal band of followers and lots of fund for advertise pays off. The classic flavor of this hummus is flanked by a indication of lemon, a lil garlic, and creaminess. So, if youre fine with discounting the amount of periods this shit has been recalled for e coli, listeria, avian mad cow flu etc ., it should be a staple in your fridge.

2. Cedars Classic Original Hommus

Like that chick who went on survey abroad and now pronounces Paris “pah-ree, ” you can tell that this shit is legit by the fac that they spell it “hommus.” Aside from a few artificial parts that we are capable of do without, the savour on this one was authentic and more of the Lebanese varietyi.e. theres more tahini in it. Its smooth, it works well on veggies, and frankly thumbs up on this shit.

3. Abrahams Traditional Style Hummus

Idk who Abraham is, but he sure knows how to construct hummus. Want something homemade tasting that doesnt actually require you to do work? Get a batch of this shit. It has a litte garlic, a little citrus, and a fuck-ton of chickpeas. This one is great for dumping in a bowl and drizzling some olive oil over the top. It’s likewise not bad for plopping into a tupperware and bringing to a potluck like you made it yourself.

4. Roots Original Hummus

Okay so aside from the 6 grams of fat for every 2 tbsps( hummus’ fatal flaw ), this shit was pretty legit. Likewise, it swaps canola oil( always made from the FRESHEST canolas) with safflower oil, which like, induces us feel better because it linked to lower cholesterol and lower blood sugar. This one is the healthy betch’s bff.

5. Athenos Classic Hummus

Like the sloppy drunk sex you had on Saturday, its not bad, its not greatbut this shit has the most to its implementation of detectable spice like cumin, coriander, etc. However, it has an virtually sour savour which like could work on a pita, but, frankly, the grainy and over-whipped texture was a little odd.

6. Whole Foods Classic Hummus

If youre searching for a hummus as bitter as you are, psyche to Whole Paycheck and pick this shit up. Lemon, lemon, lemon. If youre a citrus fanatic who loves to pay a thousand dollars for mediocre product, the committee is 100% for you and all lemony pals. However, if youd instead savor the combo of chickpeas, tahini, and spices that like, is actually hummus, pass on this shit.

7. Trader Joes Classic Hummus

This hummus was about as interesting as the male modeling I dated in college. Pretty to look atnice packaging, etc.but once you dive in, meh. Not a whole lot of depth here. I signify, if youre into neutrality and seems over everything else, go for it. Youll have the additional benefits of going to Trader Joes and elbowing hipsters out of the way while you all scramble to wait in a long AF line.

8. Wild Garden Traditional Hummus Dip

Um, pass. First of all, you wont find this shit in the refrigerated part with the other hummus. Why? Because its in the CHIP AND DIP AISLE? Unacceptable. Also why? Because it has a lot of shit that allows it to be shelf stable. It doesnt savour awfullots of spice and an almost acidic tastesurprisingly homemade for something thats next to the jarred queso, but it is 100% the Forever 21 of hummus( good in a pinch, can pass for real hummus, but not a long term option ).

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