Unicorn Easter eggs are here and the world is a magical place

A simple, good ol’ fashioned hollow chocolate egg only won’t cut it anymore at Easter. No, if you really want to treat your loved ones, then you’ll need to up your play. Big time.

Manchester-based chocolatier Slattery’s has awarded every unicorn lover’s wish by creating a unicorn Easter egg, complete with magical cornet and magical glisten. And, it’s basically knocked every other Easter egg into a cocked hat.

Image: slattery’s

The chocolatiers use a mould to generate the egg in two halves. They then place rainbow chocolate plummets inside the egg before sealing it. Once the egg is formed, the surface of the chocolate is rubbed to create a rougher finish so the edible pearlised spray sticks to the egg.

Oh, and the eggs happen to come in either white and milk chocolate.

Ears and horns are then handmade and painted amber and eyelashes are added. The chocolatiers then add a final prosper with a multicoloured royal icing mane and a generous dust of unicorn sparkle dust.

Sadly, the eggs priced at 12.50 ($ 15.58) can’t be shipped as they’re too fragile they have to be collected in person from the Manchester store.

Better book ourselves a train ticket, I suppose!

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