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Top 10 Challenges To Do With Friends In 2020


You can take part in the stupidest activities and guess who’s judging you? No one! The weirdest way to do the weirdest things with friends is to take part in challenges.

From stupid to chill , from amazing to disgusting, whatever challenges you’re taking , we will assure you that you simply will have the amazing time of your life.

That’s why we present you the most adventurous, weirdest and the best challenges of 2020 to do with your friends. Treat yourself!

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  1. Gallon Milk Challenge
Gallon Milk

This challenge will be performed two ways: rainbow milk challenge or gallon milk challenge. Rainbow milk challenge is where the contestant has got to drink all of the milk without throwing up, and therefore the one that successfully drinks all the milk first is the winner.

Gallon milk challenge is somewhat similar; you and your friends need to drink one gallon of milk within one hour without throwing up. According to science, it’s impossible to digest that much milk in an hour, so one among your friends will vomit eventually.

Don’t forget to take loads of pictures while you are doing the challenge!

  1. Pickle Challenge

Do you love pickles? If you do, then this is the challenge for you! Although it is a highly disgusting challenge, you will have so much fun when doing it. You and your friends have to eat a jar full of pickles and drink its juice.

This is crazy! Whoever finishes the jar first wins the challenge. What’s more, you can set up a time limit of fifteen minutes or so, depending on the size of the jar, and see who eats the maximum number of pickles in that time. It is one of the best ways to challenge your friends this year.

  1. Ice Bucket Challenge
Ice Bucket

Well, an ice bucket challenge is nothing new for us. With popular and well-known celebrities like bill gates taking the ice bucket challenge, who wouldn’t want to offer it a try? It is pretty simple.

The objective of this challenge is that one among the buddies has got to dump a bucket of drinking water on top of themselves and donate money to charity. Then, that friend can nominate other friends to take the challenge and so on.

The one who contributes the most to charity is the winner. This is the best challenge on our list as it is about helping people.

  1. Disney Challenge

This is one of our favorite challenges! What you and your friends can do is hear various songs from Disney and make guesses about the song’s name and therefore the movie it had been featured in.

Oh and there is a time limit of 10 seconds too. If you are wondering how to carry out this challenge, here is how. One of the buddies can pick and choose a random song and show the snippets of that to other friends. The friend who guesses the right song and movie name gains two points.

After ten to twenty snippets are shown, the person with the best score is that the real Disney star! You can add variations to the game by forming two to three teams or subtracting points on incorrect guesses to make the challenge more fun.

  1. Say Anything Challenge
Say Anything

As exciting as the name sounds, this challenge is more interesting once you play it! While two friends can participate, it’s better if more friends are playing. What you’ve got to try and do is say whatever word that involves your mind on your turn.

The next person has to say a word beginning with the letter that your word ended with. For instance, if you said “train,” your friend has to say a word beginning with the letter “n.” Moreover, no words can be repeated; whoever repeats a word and pauses for more than one second when saying the word is punished.

The punishment are often anything, but usually, it’s to place scotch tape on the speaker’s face. You can be creative and consider other penalties. The game ends when all participants cannot think about any further words, and therefore the winner of the challenge is that the one with the smallest amount of scotch tape on their face.

  1. Water in the Mouth Challenge
Water in the Mouth

Laugh all you can but not when there is water in your mouth! That’s what this game is about. The challenge is pretty simple and might be played by only two friends.

What you and your friend can do is sit on opposite sides facing one another and take a drink of water. Different funny sound clips will be played in the background, and the players have to control their laughter. When one of them laughs, the water spits out on the other player. The friend who can hold the water longer is sure the winner.

Make sure where you perform this challenge isn’t an inside location because the games get messy and wet very quickly. Another tip is to stay a long way between the 2 players so that the players get less wet. Or you can close the distance if you want to make sure the players get really wet.

  1. Eat It or Wear It Challenge
Eat It or Wear It

Hello there all food lovers, this challenge is certainly for you! It takes taste testing to another level. What you’ll do is number various food items and place them in an opaque bag in order.

Each participant should have their own bag with an equivalent food items and within the same order. The challenge begins as the players remove a food item and either eats it or wears it until the bags of all players are empty.

A friend who is wearing the smallest amount items is sure the winner. The fun part is that food items are often smelly, sticky, wet, sour, bitter, or salty. What’s more, you can do scoring where for each food item eaten, the participant scores five points.

  1. Here Comes Cinnamon Challenge

The cinnamon challenge is a pretty common thing yet one of the most entertaining challenges to perform with friends. The objective is that the players have to eat a spoonful of cinnamon without washing it down in one minute.

Since the spice is very dry, it is hard to get it down the throat. The game ends when all the players give up and whoever eats the most spoons is the cinnamon champion. While this is quite fun, it can be harmful to your lungs too.

So make sure you instantly drink lots of water when the challenge is completed.

  1. Oreo Challenge

Oh, my Oreos! Who doesn’t love the absolutely delicious Oreos? That’s right, we all do! This Oreo eating challenge is confirm the better of all food challenges to do with friends. What you’ve got to try is twist the biscuit into two pieces and lick the white cream.

Then, put the biscuits on your forehead and try eating them with using your hands. If the biscuit falls down, you’ve got to start out again. The Oreo Queen or King is the one to eat the maximum number of biscuits.

  1. Extreme Saltine Challenge

This is another food challenge and a fairly simple one at that. What you and your friends need to do is eat the utmost number of saltines within sixty seconds.

The rule is that you can eat only one saltine at a time. Drinking water is allowed, but you can’t dip the saltines in water before eating. Saltines are very dry and it is very challenging to swallow it. The friend who can eat the most is sure the winner.

Bonus: Other Challenges with Friends
Good news! Here are a few bonus challenges that you must try in 2020:

No Thumbs Challenge

No Thumb

For this challenge, you and your friends have to spend an entire day without using their thumbs. You can wrap them with a cloth or saran wrap so that you remember the rule.

Since it is nearly impossible to work without using thumbs, one of you will eventually give up. The one who gives up in the last is the winner.

No Lights Makeup Challenge

no lights makeup

While this is for girls, it will be fun if boys tried it too. What you can do is turn off the lights so that it is completely dark and then put on some makeup on your face.

The one who looks the most gorgeous in makeup is the no lights makeup artist.

Hot Pepper Challenge

Hot Pepper

Eat as much hot pepper as you can in ninety seconds without drinking water. The friend who eats the most in the winner.

Make sure you do this challenge only if you have no allergies to hot pepper or else you might end up winning the challenge but feeling sick.


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