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Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas For 2020


Top 10 Funny Prank Call Ideas For 2020
by Tyler Forrest · August 13, 2020

Whenever a group of friends is hanging out, an amusing pastime has to be prank calling. I’m sure all of us have prank called somebody once or twice at some point in their lives and laughed about it.

It’s always fun to prank call someone, whether it’s your crush, teacher, or some random person you don’t even know! You have to admit, it’s also sometimes amusing for a person to receive a prank call if they have a good sense of humor.

At times,

you may run out of ideas on how to fool somebody over the phone. Surely, you cannot repeat the same tricks over and over again. This article will cover the top ten best funny prank call ideas in 2020 so that all your jokes are fruitful and hilarious as ever!

10.The confusing pizza order


Ordering a pizza is a piece of cake and since there are numerous outlets everywhere, competition is fierce. However, it never hurts to mess around with them. Call up Pizza Hut and begin to describe the type of pizza you want.

Describe the flavor, size, serving, and toppings with vivid details. After the entire description, ask them if this kind of pizza is available at Domino’s and ask for their number.

As if that’s not enough,

You can also begin your statement by saying something along the lines of “Oops, doesn’t Domino’s sell that pizza?” or “Oh no, I didn’t know you were Pizza Hut. I thought you were Domino’s!” The operator will surely stammer at first before he can think of hanging up the phone.

9.Who are you? Who am I?

who are you who am i

These prank calls will always remain a classic. Call a random person or someone you know and hold a casual conversation. Try to see if the other person is playing along. Ask them about their day, how they are doing, how their life is going, and much more.

After each question,

They’ll possibly ask you “Who is this?” or “What do you mean?” Here’s the deal: if you want to scare the person, make sure it’s somebody you know. That way you can state some personal facts about them for example where they live or where they work or study.


You can also throw in random statements like “I’ve always loved you” and “Why don’t you believe me?” to make the call sound more dramatic and infuriating for the person facing the prank.

8.House of murder

This prank call should be handled carefully with an expert’s supervision. Pick up your phone and call a random number. Talk to the person who has received your call and tell them that you are the previous owner of the house in which they live.

When they are beginning to believe you, inform them that the police is about to reach the house within an hour for a random investigation. Command them in a strict manner not to let the cops check the cupboard in the basement. This order will startle them, and they will question you. In response, tell them, “You see, I killed my girlfriend and hid her body in that cupboard.

If the police find it,

The blame’s on you because I’m going into hiding. Have a good day!” By now, you should hang up with an evil laugh. For a dramatic effect, play some suspenseful tunes in the background.

7.Would you prefer a blonde or a brunette?

blonde or brunette

These prank calls are nothing but hilarious. Dial a random phone number and act like an operator from an online shopping website. When the phone call is received, immediately start talking very fast about the company and introduce yourself as an outstanding executive.

Congratulate the person for placing the 100th (or maybe 1000th) order on the website and for this, they will receive a surprise reward. At first, the person (or should I say ‘customer’?) will be slightly confused and ask you what is going on.

You can ignore their concerns and jump right into the order and the complimentary surprise gift. You can tell them that their order involves an hour with a foreign dancer and for the surprise reward, they can choose whether the other dancer is a blonde or a brunette.

You know what?

The amusing side is that at times, people do confirm their order by selecting one!

6.The secret affair

In my experience, these types of prank calls are an excellent way to find out many secrets. The process is quite straightforward. First, act like you are calling from a radio station with a chance to dedicate a song to their other half (girlfriend/boyfriend).


If they are in a relationship, they will jump at the thought of the idea and quickly tell you the name and the song they would like to dedicate. Now break the news to them. Tell them you’re their girlfriend’s/boyfriend’s friend and their partner is shocked that you mentioned someone else’s name.

Best of all,

You can also tell them that their other half is leaving them! This prank will leave people utterly confused and bewildered for quite some time.

5.The break-up advisor

Your storytelling skills will be tested with this prank call. Dial a random person’s number and in an urgent tone, tell them you need their help. Once you ignore their questions about who you are and manage to keep them on the line, begin the story about your girlfriend/boyfriend fighting with you.

Keep adding extra details to spice up the situation. Even better, ask for their time and patience so that they can give you unbiased advice. Meanwhile, let your victim stutter and stammer as you go on whining about your fake break-up.

As if that’s not enough,

You can also play melodramatic and depressing songs in the background for extra effects.Some examples may include Adele’s Hello or Someone Like You or Gotye’s Now You’re Just Somebody That I Used to Know. You can also sing along to make the entire situation more amusing.

4.You’re out of toilet paper!

Restaurants and cafes like to be extremely proper when it comes to customer service. This prank involves you fooling a restaurant manager. Call the fanciest restaurant in your city and wait for an operator to come on the line.

Naturally, they will first ask if you want a reservation, whether you are expecting someone, and things like that. After they have completed their introduction and formalities, pause for a while. Then, in a hushed tone, tell them something along the lines of “I’m stuck in your washroom! I can’t come out since there’s no toilet paper. Two will be great, please!”

By the way,

This prank is ten times more amusing than it sounds, so try not to laugh after making your statement or else your joke will be exposed immediately. Try to keep fooling them and eventually, hang up the phone, leaving the person on the other line shocked and bewildered.

3.You’re calling me!

Pulling this prank with older people is much more entertaining. Call up a random person and ask why they called you. The person on the other line will suddenly get furious; there is no doubt about it. You can repeat this multiple times and eventually, the victim will hang up the phone.

If you are incredibly bored that day, you can call them from a different number and go through the entire process again. On one of your final calls, you can also threaten the person by saying that you will report them to the police if you get another call.

You can try this prank on different people to see the variations in their reactions.

2.Is your phone working?

The ‘is your phone working?’ call is another amusing prank if you want to get on your friend’s nerves. Call up a friend and pretend to be someone from the telephone company.

Tell them that this is a monthly check to see if their phone is working properly. Ask them to repeat whatever you are saying so that you can hear them and make sure the phone service is operational. You can get them to say silly words and phrases which they might find irritating.

Some of them may include “I shower with my monkey every day” or “the other day my dog ate my homework. Again!” What’s more, towards the end of the call you can ask them to repeat one last sentence that could be something like “I’m the idiot who fell for this fake phone testing service.”

1.The survey

Everyone finds those phone calls incredibly irritating where the operator is trying to convince you to take a survey. The survey prank call is another hilarious way to annoy someone to the maximum.

Call a random number and try to sound interesting regarding the set of questions you are about to ask them so that they don’t hang up immediately.

Then, ask them whatever comes to your mind. Some ridiculous questions may include “have you ever eaten a 4-year-old’s candy?”, “have you ever eaten ice cream with ketchup?” or “did you watch the latest episode of Baywatch?” (Even though we know that series came out years ago). The answer you will receive will make you laugh for days.


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