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Top 10 Most Delicious Chocolate Makers Around The World


You might be wondering, what famous chocolate brands are there? Let’s start it from here

Chocolate is always loved by everyone without any restriction of age limit and gender. It is loved by kids, young people and also by older ones. Chocolate has a very well known and interesting history that will be discussed here too. If you don’t like chocolate, you should go see a doc.

History of chocolate dates back to 1900 BC.

Mostly it is loved by females as they love to exchange gifts of their favourite chocolate. Have you people ever thought of how your most favourite chocolate bite reached you enriched with deliciousness? Or

You might be wondering

How chocolates are made. Well, it is a wonderful blend of cocoa, cream and milk. All these ingredients are mixed well to serve the customer with its rich and smooth taste, thus making everyone addicted of it.

But wait there’s more,

Besides it addiction, it is very advantageous for health too, as it is good for Blood Pressure patients and also controls sugar level in blood.

Most popular brand of chocolate has been enjoyed by people all over the world. Some of these chocolate brands are listed below:

  1. Kitkat
kitkat chocolate

History of chocolate named as Kitkat goes back to 1935, when the product was named as “Kit Cat” in the start. Kit Kat consists of wheat and milk as its ingredient and look as finger bars which are covered with a layer of settled chocolate. Later on, the product name was changed to Kitkat consisting of 4 bars differing in the proportion of its ingredients. It is available in a variety of flavours including Dry Fruits, Dark, Fruits and the most interesting one is White wrapped up in hot chocolate. After 1935 the company has gained popularity by introducing a variety of chocolate flavours in different boxes and wrappings. This popular brand of chocolate is gaining popularity round the world and people love to gift Kit Kat to their family and kids.

An awesome advantage of Kitkat is that now you can equally divide it among your kids by breaking the finger bars equally and surely none of your kids will get angry.

  1. Mars

The magnificent famous Mars bar is the highest consumed and most selling brand of chocolate by a number of people round the world. The product was launched in UK in 1932 the taste of its ingredients has changed till now by changing its packing material and also reconstituting its ingredients to give it a magical taste.


Mars is available all over the world in different tastes such as minced almonds, nougat, rich honey coating and caramel topping. It is available in market with different flavours including The Fling, Dark, Lava, Midnight and Almond Light. With the interesting history of chocolate makes it very popular among its consumers as in the case with Mars.

But wait there’s more,

It is also included in the top list of chocolate brands because of its distinguishing features mentioned above. Mars is also famous for introducing additional brands such as Milky Way, Snickers and American Heritage.

  1. Galaxy
Galaxy chocolate

To describe one’s love for chocolate, Galaxy would be one of the chocolate brands which make people rest deep in its mumble taste. The ingredients of Galaxy are almost same as that of Mars but the uniqueness is added by the use of hot cocoa that is ripple with milk and sprayed with constituents of fruits and some sweet flavours.

Its stores are spread over Africa, Middle East and all over UK. It has been introduced since 1986 in UK so its centers are spread over UK. It is available in a variety of flavours such as, Fruitia, Dove, Caramel and Galaxy Jewels.

  1. Cadbury

In 1824 John Cadbury started his career as a chocolatier in London with the highest outselling chocolate product. The presence of ‘Cadbury’ chocolate is reshaped by its heirs in 1913 by adding sophisticated proportions to wafer by topping it with a layer of hot chocolate syrup.

You know?

The wonderful Cadbury bar is available in different variety such as Milk Bars, crunches, Flakes and Fruit Nuts. One of the renowned chocolate brands “Cadbury” is now available in beautiful wrappings to be sent as a gift to your loved ones.

  1. Toblerone

The distinctive prism like packing of chocolate that activates our taste buds is highly adored by everyone to have more of it. This product was first launched in 1908 with the most delicious flavours that was served as a dessert to royalties of Switzerland.

It is covered with honey and layer of cocoa, inside this covering is almonds and Nougats. Before serving it is always cut into the shapes of prism that makes it look more attractive for its consumers. Cool isn’t it?

It is available in a variety of flavours including White, Pralines, Plain, Honey Comb and Fruit Nuts. It is now known as one of the most premium chocolate brands round the world. Every year it has been listed as the top selling candy bars round the world.

  1. Pitachi
patchi chocolate

The history of Pitachi dates back to 1974 and is famous for its highly attractive packing. It was made as gourmet sweets by chocolatier Nizar, he started as a brand meant for gifts and used to wrap in beautiful wrappings.

Now Lebanese have added hot chocolate and finest cocoa as a new variety for its consumers. The chocolate is enriched with Belgian and Swiss origins flavour which adds to its uniqueness. Pitachi is now available in more than 35 countries of the world.

Best things is

It is known as the most famous chocolate bars among its lovers. It has been listed as mot selling product of 2015.

  1. Guylian

Another famous and mostly consumed Belgian chocolate is ‘Guylian’. It is popular for its premium adapted hand-made cocoa bars which are very beautifully made that one can’t resist eating them. It is available with a variety of movements such as praline fillings, roasted hazelnut additives and much more.

It is famous for the title of the biggest Easter egg of all time that was won in 2005. It is renowned for its high- end packing and adding to its popularity is its finger licking taste. It is well designed for its choosy customers who are looking for a brand name with some sort of uniqueness added in it.

  1. Ghirardelli

Ghirardelli was introduced by Domingo Ghirardelli in 1852. After recovering from many financial crises he never knew that this product will gain such popularity and people will dive in its love. Its prominent feature is its style of remoulding and tempting taste. For the production of Ghirardelli , the Italian craftsman has used caramel with cocoa dark mixed with milk.

It is listed in the top selling chocolate brands in the world and its head quarter is in USA. Now this product has reached the milestone of millions of lovers all over the world. The company organizes 2 day festival each year in order to promote its top 10 milk chocolate disc image worldwide.

  1. Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher is considered as the best chocolate round the world as it is popular for the high quality chocolate that has been used in its manufacture. It’s not only popular for its taste but also for its beautiful appearance and the way it has maintained its cultural value. It has been consumed for more than 200 years.

It has been entertaining its lover since 1981 with a great passion on chocolate. It is wrapped in a golden premium wrapper from outside while inside it is a wafer chocolate in combination with milk. While sending a gift to your friends or family will show your immense love and deep care through the expertise and professional skills of the makers of Ferrero Rocher.

In short,

the one who will receive your gift will appreciate your love only with the help of a chocolate bar.

  1. Lindt and sprungli

Lindt was launched in Zurich in 1845 and is perfectly harmonized blend of chocolate family. It has been gifted to the world by David Sprungli & Rodolphe Lindt with the very unique taste. The art has been put in confectionery that has run as a favourite item round the globe. The product is a blend of finest white chocolate and milk with granular ingredients added in it.

Being the top listed chocolate brands this product is available in a variety of flavours and the ingredients vary by collection of dry fruits, selection of fruits and different impressive cutting styles.

These were some of the top rated and most famous chocolate brands that have been discussed for your knowledge. Although a single article is not enough to cover a wide range of products of chocolate but still we have tried to inform with some of the major areas.

If you like this article, or you think we forgot some obvious brand/chocloate, then let us know in comments below.


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