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Top 10 Facts About Hackintosh


It is only okay to be wondering what this new piece of popular hardware called the “Hackintosh” is. You may go ahead and surf Apple’s website or try to look around other electronics supply stores to figure out what it is. However, you will only find your answer on articles like these.

The Hackintosh is a computer built together with various parts and has the Apple Mac OS X installed on it as an operating system. Most of these computers are built with normal desktop parts, making it a very interesting creation. Here are the top ten facts about the Hackintosh which would help you as a beginner:

  1. Apple but Not Apple
    The Hackintosh is Apple but not Apple. It is built with parts from all over the place from different companies and suppliers. However, its main operating system is the Apple Mac OS X. This allows you to customize your desktop with Apple’s operating system. When buying Apple products, you rarely have such an option.

  1. Cost-Effective
    One of the main reasons people go ahead with building a Hackintosh is money. It serves as a cost-effective way to experience the Apple operating system. By opting for a Hackintosh, you will be able to save over half the price that you pay for an Apple computer. The individual parts that the Apple computers are comprised of cost much less if you purchase them separately and put them together. This drops the cost tremendously and allows one to experience owning an Apple computer without having to pay the whole price. All that you require is effort to build up a Hackintosh.

  1. Parts Upgrade
    By having individual parts that you put together to build the Hackintosh, you become its creator. This gives you the power and ability to upgrade and change parts of the computer whenever necessary. You have not only the power but also the freedom. With an Apple computer, you become limited with what can be upgraded and what cannot, and you have to choose from a specified list of specs which cannot go your way. With the Hackintosh, you decide your own RAM, processor, hard drive, etc. Furthermore, you get to change any part at any time. This also reduces costs as mentioned in an earlier point.

  1. The Best of Both Worlds
    People would consider buying an Apple computer and installing Windows on it to be a huge victory. I think if you can build up a Hackintosh with your specifications and both Windows and Mac OS X, then you definitely have the best of both worlds. This gives you the power to boot up your own system and have the option to choose either Windows or Mac OS to boot into. Having both the operating systems on one machine is definitely a win-win situation.

  1. Gaming World
    If you are a true gamer and have been actively part of the gaming world, you would know that Windows would beat Macs any day when it comes to gaming. Not only are most games produced for Windows, but Macs are not equipped with the graphics abilities to handle high-performance gaming. The Hackintosh allows you access to the gaming world as you get to choose which graphics card you install. On top of that, you can have both operating systems on the Hackintosh laptop which enables you to switch to Windows whenever you feel like playing a game.

  1. Not So Simple and Pretty
    Along with the positives come some cons. The Hackintosh may seem like the ideal and perfect computer in the world, but it is not that simple. There is no brand design or “image” attached to the Hackintosh, and there is an abundance of cables and boxes lying around which you have to deal with. You have the keyboard, mouse, CPU, monitors, speakers, etc. The Hackintosh will definitely provide the best software, but you still have to experience the bulky and unappealing hardware that it comes with.

  1. Software Updates
    Given that the Hackintosh is not a real Mac, it also does not get to enjoy the real Mac updates instantly. You do not get the luxury of automatically updating the operating system whenever an update is released. In fact, updates are your biggest enemy. You have to fear them as they may damage your system and result in unnecessary problems. It is also recommended to stay on lower versions on the Hackintosh. If you do have to update, do it with great care and research.

  1. No Customer Support Service
    Unfortunately, the Hackintosh also prevents you from obtaining any sort of official customer support service or, specifically, Apple support. Given that you are not officially registered with Apple, you have to handle your tech issues on your own. This tends to be a problem for those who become impatient with technology and require instant solutions. If you are such a person, then the Hackintosh might not be your best friend. However, if you are interested in technology and IT, you may be able to get along with the Hackintosh.

  1. No Apple Side Feature
    With Apple products come Apple side features which are fun and appealing. These could be FaceTime, Wallet, iCloud, or anything else. However, with the Hackintosh, you do not get to enjoy the luxury of having these Apple features.
  1. Community of Builders
    What you do get when you choose to be part of the Hackintosh world is a beautiful community of creative builders. You can find online forums where other people who have created a Hackintosh are available for help, support, and advice.

The Hackintosh is definitely a game changer in the tech world, offering you the best of both worlds. It is a great learning experience to build your own computer and design it from scratch with your own requirements. If you are someone looking to explore the tech world creatively, the Hackintosh will be a good option!


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