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Top 10 Funny Dares To Do With Friends


Back in the days when the world was not as technologically equipped as it is now, children used to play outside more often. Of course, in this century, children of all ages know their way around smartphones, tablets, and various online applications which keep them busy.

It leaves no time to play out in the sun or mount on bikes and race across the block. Times were much simpler without technology hogging all aspects of our lives. There were games such as hide and seek, thief and cop and tag that children used to play outside.

In my experience, one of the best games to have existed was truth or dare.

Truth and dare, also known as spin the bottle, entailed that all players are gathered in a circle around a bottle. One side of the bottle would be assigned question, and the other would be named answer. Someone would spin the bottle, and if the question side points toward a person, he would have to ask a question to the person at the other end of the bottle.Like good dares for your boyfriend.


Best of all, it couldn’t be just any random question. The game required only one question to be asked: truth or dare? Picking truth as the answer would require the person to respond truthfully to the next question asked. However, the most exciting part of the game was choosing dare.

It required the individual to complete a challenge! But wait there’s more; people would come up with the strangest, funniest, and often random challenges. Later on, these were laughed over and soon became fragments of our memory.

So here’s the deal:

Following is a list of ten crazy funny dares that would work well in a great truth or dare game. Of course, it isn’t necessary to play the game to act out these dares. Think about it. You can carry out any of these dares with your friends to liven up a dull day!

  1. The muggle world tour

Anyone who is a Harry Potter fan would immediately want to try out this dare. Those of you who are unfamiliar with the word ‘muggle‘ should know it’s a term used to refer to a non-wizard in the Harry Potter books.

The dare entails that a group of individuals dress up as wizard students while one dresses up as a professor from the Harry Potter books.

The troupe then visits a department store such as Walmart, where they act as if they are on a school trip to the muggle world. The professor can show his students around, saying out loud, ‘Look, students, a muggle washing machine!’

  1. Time travel

This one is bound to get several laughs. The dare revolves around the insinuation of time travel being a reality. How? Well, it requires that you purchase a space-suit or an outfit that looks somewhat similar to it.

Wear the suit and go out on the street. Stop a random person and ask them, with a confusing look on your face, ‘What year is it?’ When they respond, act all ecstatic and scream, ‘It worked, it worked! Oh God, wow!’ And then run off.

It’ll be hard to keep a straight face with this one, but don’t give in!

  1. What’s up?

It’s a very simple yet funny dare for two or more people. On a not-so-busy street, start walking. Stop suddenly in the middle of the crowd, look up to the sky with a confused expression plastered on your face and act as if you see something.

Get a friend to join the action as well, both pointing above and saying out loud sentences such as, ‘Yeah, I see the thing you’re looking at.’ Or, ‘What is that thing, really?’But wait there’s more, the fun starts when random people join you and try to look for the ‘thing’ you see in the sky.

  1. Storytime

This dare can get a little creepy if you think about it, but the real fun begins when the other person is taken aback. First of all, get hold of a children’s storybook, such as one of those nighttime bed stories.

Go to a mall and walk up to a random adult. Hold up the storybook and look them in the eye with a very straight, expressionless face and say, ‘Would you like me to read you a story, boy/girl?’

  1. Monkey see, monkey do
Monkey See Monkey Do

It is somewhat similar to the popular kids’ pastime called ‘The Shadow Game.’ It entailed mimicking everything that the other person said. This dare, however, is a bit modified. It works best with strangers.

Go to a store or mall, look around and find a target. Get nearer to that individual, enough so that they can notice you. Observe them carefully and then copy whatever they are doing.

For example, if the stranger picks up a pair of blue jeans and observes it carefully, you should stand next to them and do the same thing. Let them notice you. Let them see that you’re mimicking them. In most cases, when strangers catch you in this act, it is likely to be followed by a big smile on their face.

  1. Missing person

This dare would prove to be a lot of fun if carried out properly with good acting and expressions. Take out your identification card and go to a mall or any other public place.

Act all frantic and worried. With the ID card in your hand, take hurried steps, moving your head in different directions. Then walk up to a stranger, point to the picture on your ID card and ask in an anxious voice, ‘Have you seen this man (woman)?’

The amusement lies in the bewildered looks people will give you. It will be fun to see what sort of reactions you get! Who knows, someone might play along as well.

  1. Park activities, out loud!

This is crazy: Get a microphone and head to the park. Look around and observe people carefully. Now start speaking in the microphone. What should you say? Everything that you see. That’s right! Speak out loud about every action that is being undertaken by random strangers.

For example, you might see a family on a picnic with the kids playing around while their father is rummaging through the basket. Describe it all out loud. People will think of you as a freak and you might get into a bit of trouble, but you will get a lot of laughs out of this one!

Note: you need to provide captivating, accurate descriptions for the challenge to turn out great.

  1. Not guilty!

The beauty of this dare is that you just need an elevator as your stage. Whether the elevator is at the mall or in your apartment building, it doesn’t matter.

Get into it and wait for your cue until there are only two people left in the lift: you and a stranger. Poke them! When they turn around and give you an unpleasant stare, shout, ‘I DID NOT DO IT, I SWEAR!’

  1. Tea party

It is a bit childish dare, but it’s hilarious if pulled off correctly. If the person has good acting skills, the result will leave you and your friends hysterical!

Visit a toy store such as Toys R Us where there are stuffed animals and Barbie dolls for children. Often, such stores also sell a small table set with tiny chairs. Use the set if available; otherwise, the dare can work just easily on the floor.

Gather a few stuffed toys and two/three dolls. Sit down (on the tiny chair or floor) and form a circle with toys. Now begin speaking to them, saying things such as, ‘Welcome to my birthday/tea party,’ or, ‘How are you all doing today?’Keep on pretending and wait for the salespersons at the store to react!

  1. Snow White’s apple

Everyone knows the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, so this dare will be easy to carry out. Go to a supermarket and pick up an apple. In an audible yet not-too-loud voice, start laughing wildly like a witch. Then look at the apple intensely and say, ‘I’ve got you now, precious!’

To get the most laughs out of these dares, make sure that a group of friends is present at the scene with a camcorder or a phone which allows them to capture at-length videos! But before they rush to the venue with the person taking up the challenge, let them know that they have to be vigilant.

They must not get seen or else the whole idea would not turn out to be that amusing. What’s the bottom line? Fool people, but don’t get caught!

Later on,

All dares can be compiled into one extensive, hilarious video as well. That in itself can serve as entertainment for your group of friends. Treat yourself and others to popcorn, hit play and start laughing at your idiocies!


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