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Top 10 “I Love You” Poems For Him From The Heart


Love is a complicated emotion. It is tough to wrap your head around the idea of being in love because it’s that one emotion that has found no proper, standard description as of yet. You see, everyone has their own perception of what love is supposed to be.

When the magic strikes, all you can do is feel because when it comes to expressing love, words are at a loss. Simply stated, love is distressingly incredible. It’s incomplete without expression and sadly, only a few master the art of penning down the warmth felt in their heart.


all hopeless romantics strive to put their hearts on their sleeves and more often than not, find words to be their solace. No wonder there are about a million love poems from both known and unknown poets.

short i love you poems for him from heart

Following is a list of some poems that found fame on the basis of the most confusing of all emotions – love. These poets wrote their hearts out for their lovers and made history in their own complicated ways.

  1. She Walks in Beauty

This is a poem by Lord Byron, known to have blessed the world with his creativity from 1788 to 1824. It is, by far, the most romantic of all poems in the English language. Byron has written these verses about an unnamed woman, beautifully capturing her charm and elegance in mere words.

Comparing her looks to the starry skies and her eyes to the tender light, the poet presents an epitome of beauty that is to be found in the ideal woman. No wonder the poem is such a hit with romantics professing their love or grooms making a speech on their wedding day! It is the perfect way to complement a woman – by praising her beauty creatively.

By the way,

Byron was notorious for debauchery and lustfulness, yet the words in his stanzas reflect a purity that negates it all. Innocence and simplicity are the two characteristics upon which rests the beauty of the woman, as evident from the verses.

Lord Byron was quite the artist!

  1. I Carry Your Heart with Me

Another one of the classic romantic i love you poems for him , ‘I carry your heart with me’ was beautifully produced by E. E. Cummings. The Harvard poet is known to have lived a life of creativity from 1894 to 1962. In between these years, he penned the poem that is now recited by millions of lovers to assure their significant others that distance means nothing when two hearts are intertwined in love.

The central idea of the poem revolves around separation. The poet repeatedly states how he carries his partner’s love in his heart, even when there are miles between them.

He profusely expresses his love for his significant other, claiming how they are his entire world. It has a melancholic touch to it as well.

The poet offers its readers a dismal picture of two lovers bound by distance while their hearts keep on yearning for each other.

  1. I Loved You First: But Afterwards Your Love

Unlike poets articulating misery over an unrequited love, Christina Rossetti speaks of a mutual love shared by two individuals. The English poet, renowned for penning down ballads and children’s poems, was born in 1830 and took her last breath in 1894.

She is one of the few poets to have captured love in the purest of forms. It becomes evident from the verse, “For verily love knows not ‘mine’ or ‘thine’.”


Rossetti sets out to explain that love is not selfish. Even better, it is the act of accepting one another, no matter the flaws. Loving another is not a duty or an obligation, and neither is it a debt to be repaid in kind.

But wait, there’s more;

She goes on to state that the grandeur emotion does not require lovers to be bound to one another. Rather, affection is said to be at its best when two individuals enable one another to be free.

  1. Valentine

This is a love poem by Carol Ann Duffy. Born on 23rd of December in 1955, the Scottish poet is well-known for speaking out against violence, gender issues, and oppression through her words.

It is why her poetry is taught in schools so that the younger minds are nourished with good literature. Valentine happens to be one of her many love verses.

You might be wondering,

What makes this piece of work stand out from the others? Well, the key is uniqueness in expression. Carol presents unusual comparisons when it comes to exploring the concept of love. But that’s just one part of the story for the poet goes as far as challenging the traditional symbols of young love i.e. the red rose and the satin heart.

Instead, she symbolizes onion, claiming it to be a more accurate reflection of true love. Read the poem to revel in the odd idea of love, eloquently presented by Duffy.

  1. A Glimpse

Walt Whitman is the proud producer of this masterpiece of romantic verses. The American poet/journalist lived from 1819 to 1892, blessing the poetic world with one metrical composition after another. Time and again, several writers have expressed love as being akin to a burning, earth-shattering passion.

It’s true in several cases, but there exists a different kind of love as well. One that humbles you and offers comfort in the darkest of times. Whitman has portrayed that love, presenting a realistic picture of how two people manage to hold onto love in a life filled with everyday hustle and bustle.

Even though the artistic piece is concise, it offers a complete image and idea of extraordinary love in an ordinary world. It is one of the best i love you poems for him.

  1. I Wanna Be Yours

John Cooper Clarke is an English performance poet, born on 25th of January, 1949. He gained popularity during the 1970s punk rock era and has released a few albums since then. His poetry doesn’t classify as one of the standard pieces of literature.

Here’s why:

It is filled with humor and an energy that cannot be found in the classics. Every verse paints a different yet funny idea of what love is supposed to be. All throughout, the poet begs of his lover to let him be all these ordinary items through which he intends to profess his love in unique ways.

For example,

The second stanza has the poet asking his lover to let him be a rain coat so that he may be there for them on their rainy days. The entire composition is simple, yet the grandeur of love has been preserved. Truly a masterpiece!

  1. Another Valentine

Composed by Wendy Cope, this piece of poetry is perfect if you cannot find the words to express your feelings to the love of your life on Valentine’s Day. Written from the perspective of two individuals beloved to one another, the central theme revolves around what the lovers’ holiday entails.

It starts out as a criticism of how Valentine’s Day can feel like an unnecessary obligation for a lover.

Fair enough,

Since the feeling is relatable. However, the poem progresses with the narrator eventually warming up to the idea of a specific day set out just to confess and share affection.

  1. Sonnet 116

It is one of the many famous sonnets composed by Shakespeare. Apart from the fact that it is a beautiful piece, the renowned literary poet’s credibility also leads the sonnet’s entry into classic literature.

In this poetic work, Shakespeare lives up to his reputation of presenting a quintessential idea of love – the concept that love never fades away.

He portrays how the purest of emotions, love and affection, aren’t tainted by any flaws. As if that’s not enough, the classic poet goes on to express how nothing can put an end to true love, not even death. He brings new meaning to the phrase “till death do us part.”

In beautifully phrased words, he further talks about understanding and trust being pillars upon which love stands and commends lovers who accept one another with total honesty and freedom.

  1. The Good-Morrow

John Donne penned this poem in his early days as a poet. it is one of the top i love you poems for him. It was published, however, in 1963 in his collection ‘songs and sonnets.’

The world witnessed the English poet’s creativity not only during his lifetime, from 1572 to 1631, but also after his passing. The Good-Morrow is narrated from the point of view of a lover as he awakens and addresses his partner after spending the night with them.

It combines sensual and spiritual love and in between, the poet also makes biblical references. Although a short piece of literature, it possesses a remarkable depth of meaning.

  1. Love After Love

Derek Walcott is known to have written this artistic piece. Born in 1930, the Caribbean poet/writer was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in 1992.

Although he has a vast collection of poems to his name, ‘Love After Love’ is a unique one. It is meant to resonate with someone who has felt the anguish of heartbreak, so for those of you suffering in the name of love, it’s good news! These verses are written just for you. Discover yourself and learn how to love again through Walcott’s soothing and poetic verses.


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