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Top 10 Magic Movies To Watch Before You Die


Do you believe in magic? Whatever your answer is, the truth is that most of us somehow want it to be true. The concept of magic originated centuries ago from the intriguing legends of wizards and sorcerers and since then, it is growing more and more popular in the eyes of humans.


there are countless movies based on magic that encompass unexplainable powers and stories. These movies are casting a spell on children and adults alike, and there is no doubt about it. From old wizarding tales to modern wizarding novels, magicians have always been at the heart of the fantasy genre since its existence.

These magicians are just like superheroes with incredible powers.

The only difference between them is that magic in the movies can’t be explained scientifically, which creates an aura of mystery rather than just being science fiction.

It has been so embedded in our culture that now it is exhibiting itself in our real world too. Take the example of illusionists and stage magicians who have been performing for thousands of years and leaving the audience in amazement and awe.

Here, let’s take a look at ten outstanding

magic movies
that are not just grounded on magicians but also illusionists, wizards, conjurors, and much more.

  1. Harry Potter
Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series is considered as the most successful one based on magic. The movies have been split into eight different parts and are based on the wildly popular books written by J.K. Rowling.

The story revolves around the journey of Harry Potter and his best friends Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger as they save both the magic and non-magic world by defeating the darkest and evilest wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort.

This movie allows us to witness plenty of spell casting and display of improbable magical powers. No doubt, this series has brought the mystique and beautiful world of magic global recognition.

But wait there’s more;

After the last and seventh book of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling has bestowed us with an eighth part in the shape of a script. Yes, you can treat yourself with more Harry Potter as the Cursed Child’s script has been made available everywhere from 31st July.

  1. Now You See Me
Now You See Me

Now You See Me is one of the most confusingly amazing movies you will ever see. It revolves around a crew of four magicians using illusion to pull off very complicated heists. This movie features a great deal of high-class hand tricks and moments which you might miss if you blink.

Coming to the story,

it features Mark Ruffalo as an FBI agent in search of the Robin Hood-inspired magicians or, we can say, tricksters who get a nice paycheck by doing all the trickery.

These tricksters are in high hopes to get into a gang of actual magicians, known as The Eye. That is crazy, isn’t it? Now You See Me has proved itself as one of the best illusion movies up till now. That’s not all as this movie is returning to the big screen with its sequel with even better illusions, tricks, and action.

  1. The Prestige
The Prestige

Adapted from the novel penned by Christopher Priest, The Prestige deals with bitterness, rivalry and, of course, revenge. The story moves around the rivalry between two great magicians who always try to defame and degrade each other at numerous events.

It is a complete movie with a lot of major twists and turns and reveals a great deal of secrets which keeps people engaged and curious throughout the movie.

It doesn’t feature the typical tricks that stage magicians use but high-level magic events like water torture, bullet catch, and much more. No wonder this movie was a hit.

I mean, look at the cast. It stars Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman as the two magicians and apart from them, you will also be pleased to see Scarlett Johansson, Ricky Jay, Michael Caine, and David Bowie.

  1. The Illusionist
The Illusionist

The Illusionist was released in the same year as The Prestige i.e. 2006 but couldn’t do much business because it was overshadowed by the success of the latter movie. That certainly don’t mean that it’s boring. In fact, it is quite better than its ratings.

The story is set in the 19th century’s Vienna, where Eisenheim (Edward Norton) is a peasant who falls for Sophie (Jessica Biel), a duchess.

However, their love is forbidden because Sophie is the daughter of a very wealthy man and is set to marry the appalling Prince Leopold.

You might be wondering where the magic is in this movie? Well, as our hero is an illusionist, he hatches a plan with his lover to free her from the arranged engagement with the wicked prince by using the power of illusion.

It is based on amazing magical scenes that deal with not only symbolic stage act but also with summoning the dead spirits. Cool, right?

  1. Oz the Great and Powerful
Oz the Great and Powerful

Based on the classic children’s story The Wizard of Oz, Oz the Great and Powerful is a mixture of magic and tricks. In this fantasy adventure, Oscar Diggs or Oz (James Franco) is a con man and small-time stage magician who has a dream of becoming someone like Thomas Edison but couldn’t due to his miserable magician life.

Well, his miserable life only lasts for like five to ten minutes and later, he is swept away to the world of Oz through a tornado. But that’s just one part of the story; the actual story begins when he meets the real witch in the magical city of Oz who mistakes him as the great wizard who is prophesized to free the land from the Wicked Witch.

  1. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

This movie is loaded with action and drama revolving around a fantasy adventure in which Balthazar (Nicolas Cage) searches for the true successor of the famous wizard, Merlin. Why? Well, because the successor can inherit Merlin’s powers.

However, with power comes great responsibility, so he also needs to eradicate the evil forces of the wicked sorcerer. Good enough?

Just like the famous Harry Potter, Dave Stutler is chosen by Merlin’s Dragon Ring for a destiny he wasn’t ready to undertake.

What’s more is that Balthazar has to fulfill his promise and train Dave if he wants to keep the world safe from the forces of evil. Nevertheless, this movie has an amazingly gripping tale without a doubt.

  1. Hugo

Let’s go back to the 1930s where Hugo Cabret, a twelve-year-old boy, lives alone in Paris’ railway station and steals food for a living. Sadly, this little boy has lost his father who used to make watches and was forced to work under his alcoholic uncle.

Somehow, Hugo gets the time to work on his father’s final project, which is repairing a mechanical man (automaton) who can write. While he repairs it, he also steals a lot to get the parts he requires and befriends a girl who decides to help him.

Now, where is he magic? Well, Hugo and his friend go on an adventure along with a key which discloses them a secret from a magician’s past.

  1. Stardust

Simply put, Stardust is a beautiful yet underappreciated fantasy movie. Here’s why: this story is based on Neil Gaiman’s novel and like most novel adaptations, it doesn’t surpass the audience expectations. Nevertheless, this movie is quite good.

The story revolves around a young man Tristan who falls in love with a girl who is just toying with him. For his so-called love, he goes outside his village’s wall and into the magical world to fetch a fallen star. Well, things become treacherous after that, which creates complications in his journey back to the village.

  1. Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus

How can I forget the classic movie regarding witches? The main characters in this movie are the Sanderson sisters, who are three ugly witches who have only one goal: to become pretty and young again.

This family Halloween movie is filled with extravagant costumes, buck teeth, and silly spells and it’s hard not to smile while watching it.

If you are a fan of Halloween town or Sabrina the Teenage Witch, you won’t be displeased with this movie.

  1. The Craft
The Craft

By now, a lot of movies have been released regarding wizards and witches, but not many have witches as the main character.

Well, this movie is noteworthy for its realistic and accurate depiction of the outcomes of spell-casting. The Craft is certainly not afraid to get dark.

The story is about four high school girls with unbelievable powers and features spells, curses, and more than one murder.

It is not just an ordinary movies about teenage girls but has a meaningful story which gives a lesson. This movie contains everything such as fun performances, amazing effects, and a killer soundtrack.


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