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Top 10 Sweet Poems For Her to Make Her Smile


Unending Love Top 10 Sweet Poems for Her

Throughout history, men are known to have conquered cities, bombarding through unknown lands and negotiating with one another. Communication skills and winning tactics have been deployed strategically. You would think that these would be the most difficult of all tasks to be undertaken by men.

But alas,

you are mistaken! You see, there is one aspect of life where men lose it all. What aspect is this? It’s love.

When it comes to saying the three magical words that every woman longs to hear, men are known to have forgotten that they happen to have a tongue in their mouth. As if that’s not enough, many are so startled with the emotion that instead of acknowledging it, they live their days lying to themselves about how they feel for that special someone. But this is crazy.

It is the simplest of tasks to utter ‘I love you’ because women are easy to please. They don’t ask much, which means even your smallest of gestures can take up the largest space in their hearts. In fact, there are about a million different ways to make your girl smile. Perhaps, one of the best ones is to serenade her with words.

Following is a list of ten poems that are guaranteed to make her blush and grin from ear to ear. What does this mean for you? If you have a special lady in your life, you can read any of these to her.

Even better,

You can write them in letters to her and add a touch of old school romance to your lives.

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1.She Walks in Beauty


It is, by far, the most romantic of all poems written in English. It is one of sweet poems for her. It was composed by Lord Byron, who is the proud creator of quite many poetic masterpieces. He is known to have blessed the world with his creativity from 1788 to 1824. This particular poem is as lucid as day.

Although the woman being spoken of in the piece is unknown and unnamed, Byron has beautifully captured her grace and charm in words. To him, her looks are akin to the starry skies, while her eyes reflect the soft light. To sum it up, the poet has painted with words the qualities of the ideal woman.

If you happen to have come across your ideal woman, this could be the perfect way for you to express yourself to her!

2. A Lady


Amy Lowell has written this poem in a manner as if the poet herself is speaking to the woman in question. It is the one of sweet poems for her. The American poet lived from 1874 to 1925. She has left behind quite some literary pieces in her name.

This particular piece speaks of a mature lady who has aged gracefully over the years. Her beauty remains, while her eyes reflect a pure soul who has experienced the most in life. With powerful metaphors and imagery, Lowell presents a theme which revolves around the fact that age doesn’t define beauty.

If you have been married to the love of your life and want to give her a gift of words, good news! You have found the perfect piece to praise her everlasting beauty and wisdom.

3. Sonnet 130


This sonnet should need no introduction. Shakespeare is the personification of English literature. The classic poet has credited many verses with his name, but this particular poem is unique. Hilarity drips from the words as the poet knowingly discredits the woman who is the subject of the sonnet.

As it turns out,

Behind the strange and apparently offensive comparisons is the idea that love doesn’t need conceited ideas of beauty for it to be real. Women do not have to shine like the sun or smell like flowers for their beauty to be real. In a few twisted verses, Shakespeare presents the idea of real, true love, the one we experience.

This is the most realistic way you can serenade your practical girl!

4.How Do I Love Thee?


Elizabeth Barrett Browning was born on 6th March in 1806. The English poet lived out her creative days and passed away eventually on 29th June in 1861. With the use of symbols and excellent imagery, she composed this poetic masterpiece to revolve around the idea of love.

Simply stated, the poem involves a speaker who is passionately expressing their affection for their lover. The speaker counts all the ways in which they have loved their soulmate, showing that love surrounds all aspects of their life.

Elizabeth has blended the divine and the mortal together to portray the image of a lover being smitten to the point where they spend all hours of their days with their partner.

5.The Passionate Shepherd to His Love


It is credited to Christopher Marlowe, an English playwright, poet and translator, whose creativity was witnessed by the world from 1564 to 1593. The poetic verses are sweet and straightforward, depicting a shepherd’s declaration of love for his beloved. The speaker describes their life together and the love they’ll share for eternity.

Narrating all the things he will do for her when they are finally united, the verses paint a beautiful picture of old-school love.

But this is the modern era, right? It is easy to meet your lover every day and stay in constant communication. Therefore, you might be wondering how this poem fits in such times.


Even in these modern times, there are a few couples who are separated by vast distances yet are holding on to each other. These verses are for them.Rekindle the love across the seas by penning these verses in a letter! This poem was best poem from sweet poems for her.



Daniel Hoffman was a postmodern poet, born on 3rd April in 1923. He is best known for his literary criticisms. However, he has composed quite a few dramatic poems. One of them is ‘Yours.’ With a play of words, Hoffman depicts a lover’s confession.

The narrator articulates how their beloved has become a necessity in their life and that they are nothing without their lover. The image presented is that of love found in historical times where loving someone meant belonging to them in every way.

Of course,

Times have changed since then, but all women still want to hear that the man they love is theirs forever. So read it out to your lady and remove all doubts in her mind about your love! It is bound to put a smile on her face.

7.Life in a Love


The metrical composition revolves around the theme of love, fate, and freedom. Robert Browning, one of the most prominent Victorian poets, blessed the literary world with his ironic and dense poetry and plays from 1812 to 1889. Life in a Love is one of his short poems, which was published in 1855.

Browning depicts a narrator speaking to a woman who seems to have left the place they shared together. The speaker is upset over her act yet hopeful that he’ll find her because to him, their love is the work of fate.

The verses, thus, depict an everlasting and fiery love, driving the narrator to pursue his partner. In artistic words, Browning treads lightly upon the beautiful idea that when you love someone, you don’t give up on them. Using these verses to confess to her that you’ll always hold on will curl those lips into a smile.

8.A Pretty Girl


It was penned down in plain language and verses by Raymond A. Foss. The contemporary poet came into this world in 1960 and since then, has contributed vastly to the world of English literature with his poetry.

Here’s why ‘A Pretty Girl’ is one of his best pieces so far. The poem is short, simple, and sweet. As if that’s not enough, it portrays the image of an ordinary girl whose beauty is evident in her natural state of frolicking and arguing. The verses offer relief from the perfectly mannered woman thought to be ideal.

In only thirteen verses, Foss shows us how a girl is beautiful when she’s herself. It makes this composition perfect if you want to profess how the ordinary aspects of your girl make her extraordinary.

9.I Wanna Be Yours


If you’re looking for a way to sweep a girl off of her feet, this is the piece for you. It isn’t one of the classics, but it is filled with good humor and energy that is bound to make her smile.

In every line, John Cooper Clarke illustrates the simplicity in love. He shows how the narrator begs of his partner to let him become ordinary items such as a raincoat to profess his feelings in unique yet simple ways.

10.Unending Love


Rabindranath Tagore was a Bengali polymath/poet who is known to have molded Bengali literature. His work normally includes the concept of time. Unending Love also brings time into reference as the speaker is seen to experience a love that is rekindled life after life.

The verses reflect a universal love that knows no limit. This would prove to be a perfect wedding gift in case you happen to be a hopeless romantic.


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